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How to judge the authenticity of Panasonic battery?

We will judge the authenticity of Panasonic battery in the purchase process. Do you know how to judge the authenticity of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
1. Anti counterfeiting label: all capacity batteries of Panasonic are labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels, and the contents of anti-counterfeiting labels are different for different capacity batteries.
2. Date: generally, the date of Panasonic battery is made of steel seal, which is definitely not printed. If the date of Panasonic battery is printed, it must be fake and shoddy products.
3. Weight: all genuine batteries will not cut corners. The weight of real batteries is sufficient, and the weight of fake batteries will be very light. However, due to process upgrading, the weight of the latest Panasonic lc-p12100 has been changed from 32kg to 29kg. It is recommended to check the weight of the required battery on the Internet, and then compare it. If the weight difference is large, there must be a problem.
4. Logo: the genuine Panasonic Logo Icon is Panasonic, which is the only logo used for energy storage
5. Regular Panasonic agents: regular Panasonic agents will not sell in any online stores. Therefore, most of the Panasonic batteries on a certain Baoshang and a certain Dongshang are high imitation or second-hand batteries
6. If the user is not in a good position to judge, he / she can apply for prepayment and delivery, the goods will be delivered to the local place for acceptance and logistics, and the final payment will be settled after acceptance.
7. Judging from the appearance, Panasonic battery factory is a dust-free workshop, and the batteries produced are very clean, while the refurbished batteries, no matter how carefully they are made, will definitely have defects. As users, we can carefully observe the subtle information. So as to make correct judgment.




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