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What are the hazards of using fake and inferior Panasonic batteries?

In our life, there are some fake and inferior Panasonic batteries, so do you know the harm of using fake and inferior Panasonic batteries?
The possible risks and damages during the installation of Panasonic batteries are poisoning, fire, blasting, high temperature burning, mechanical damage, corrosion damage, etc. Only poisoning, fire and blasting are analyzed.
There are a lot of lead dust in the weighing and wrapping area, which belongs to the heavy polluted area of lead and is prone to slow lead poisoning. The damage of lead poisoning to human body is mainly concentrated in digestive system and nervous system. The proportion of occupational slow lead poisoning among operators operating in Panasonic Battery Factory is as high as 25%-30%. More seriously, lead poisoning is not only confined to adult operators in Panasonic Battery Factory, but also to many children around them.
According to the operating principle of Panasonic battery, the positive active material of Panasonic battery is lead dioxide, the negative active material is sponge lead, and the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid solution. When the charge reaches 70%-80% of the electricity, the positive starts to generate oxygen, and when the charge basically completes about 90%, the negative starts to generate hydrogen. Hydrogen is a kind of flammable and explosive substance A. The explosion limit in air is 4.1%-74.1%, and the ignition temperature is about 450 C. Therefore, the hydrogen concentration in charging chamber can easily reach the explosion limit, and it will produce ignition and explosion whenever the fire source occurs. For example, on July 3, 1991, a fire and explosion happened in the lead-acid Panasonic battery room of a power station, which resulted in the death of a patrolman and serious damage to charging equipment and Panasonic battery. The main reason is that the ventilation equipment of Panasonic battery failed, resulting in the accumulation of hydrogen in the room, while the inspectors smoked cigarettes during the inspection, and the open fire caused the explosion.
According to the process requirements, the fire risk of acetylene and LPG used in welding area is Class A, and that of oxygen is Class B. The explosion limit of acetylene in air is 2.1%~80.0%(_/_), ignition temperature is about 305 ~C, the explosion limit of liquefied petroleum in air is 2.25%~9.65%(_/_), ignition degree is about 426~537 ~C. Therefore, fire and blasting are the most dangerous factors in the production process. If the pole group and pole are not properly operated in the process of welding, severe bump or too close to the open fire, too high temperature may cause fire and blasting. So you must not be deceived while purchasing UPS.
The use of counterfeit and inferior products has great potential hazards to the computer room and power supply, which can cause serious fire hazards to the computer room and unnecessary economic and property losses. Please contact us if you buy authentic original products! ____________




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