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Under what conditions does Panasonic battery need to be charged?

In order to ensure that Panasonic batteries are always at rated capacity, periodic or irregular recharge of Panasonic batteries should be carried out.

Panasonic batteries should be recharged in the following circumstances

(1) When the charging device operates in an automatic state:

(2) When the AC power supply is interrupted and the power supply is restored;

(3) When the capacity of Panasonic battery is insufficient, the automatic detection device is used to measure it.

(4) When Panasonic battery is under-charged;

(5) When the voltage consistency of Panasonic battery is poor;

(6) Panasonic battery before checking charge and discharge.

Supplementary charging of Panasonic batteries is mainly to change charging operation mode, adjust charging voltage or current, generally according to floating charging-balanced charging-floating charging procedure. When the charging device operates in the automatic state, the device automatically changes the operation mode according to the automatic detection results. During manual operation, maintenance personnel should regularly check Panasonic battery capacity, voltage and other parameters, find problems and timely recharge Panasonic battery.

Matsushita Battery Charging Notes:

First, the initial charge should be sufficient for twelve hours to ensure full power. It is believed that many people who use new mobile phones have such an experience that the staff who sell mobile phones will advise the buyer to charge the phone for twelve hours. For buyers of Panasonic batteries, the problem of intermittent charging should be avoided during secondary charging, ensuring that the secondary charging can last up to 12 hours. In this way, in the future charging, it will be better to ensure full power.

Second, when using Panasonic battery to charge, we should pay attention to the value of voltage. We know that compared with general batteries, its voltage is relatively stable and safe, but even so, we should check the specific value of the voltage in the specific charging process to ensure that it is within a normal range of values to ensure safe charging.

Third, Panasonic battery performance is better, but can not be idle for a long time. It should be pointed out that if the idle time is longer, then the charging effect may be affected, and can not reach the full state.




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