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What are the service conditions of Panasonic battery?

Many people have seen Panasonic battery, so do you know the service conditions of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
(1) Avoid direct contact between the battery and the metal container. Acid proof and heat resistant materials shall be used, otherwise it will cause smoke or combustion.
(2) Use the specified charger to charge under the specified conditions, otherwise the battery may overheat, deflate, leak, burn or break.
(3) Do not install the battery in the sealed equipment, otherwise the equipment may be broken.
(4) When using the battery in the medical equipment, please install the backup power outside the main power supply, otherwise the failure of the main power supply will cause injury.
(5) Keep the battery away from the spark generating equipment, otherwise the spark may cause the battery to smoke or crack.
(6) Do not put the battery near the heat source (such as transformer), otherwise the battery will overheat, leak, burn or break.
(7) When there is more than one battery in the application, please make sure that the connection between the batteries is correct, and the connection with the charger or load is correct, otherwise the battery will be broken, burned or damaged, and in some cases, people will be injured.
(8) Take special care not to let the battery hit your feet.
(9) The specified use range of the battery is as follows. Exceeding this range may cause battery damage.
The normal operating range of the battery is 77. F (25 ℃)
After battery discharge (installed in equipment): 5. F to 122. F (- 15 ℃ to 50 ℃)
After charging: 32. F to 104. F (0 ℃ to 40 ℃)
In storage: 5. F to 104. F (- 15 ℃ to 40 ℃)
(10) Do not put the battery installed on the locomotive in high temperature, direct sunlight, furnace or before the fire, otherwise it may cause battery leakage, fire or rupture.
(11) Do not use the battery in the place full of dust, which may cause short circuit of the battery. When using the battery in dusty environment, check the battery regularly.




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