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What causes Panasonic battery explosion?

There are many problems about the use of Panasonic batteries that need our attention. So let Panasonic Battery Manufacturers introduce to you today the reasons for the explosion of Panasonic batteries.
1. Panasonic battery shell explosion caused by excessive internal pressure
From the working principle of Panasonic batteries, it is known that during the charging process, especially at the end of charging, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen due to overcharging. Short circuit, severe sulfurization and sharp rise of electrolyte temperature during charging will cause a large amount of water evaporation. At this time, if the vent of the liquid-filled hole cover is blocked, because of too much gas. Before overflow, the pressure inside Panasonic battery will rise very high. First, the Panasonic battery tank will be deformed. When the internal pressure reaches a certain level, it will burst from the joint of Panasonic battery cover or other weak points. This is a physical process. When the internal pressure of Panasonic batteries is higher than 0.25 MPa, the Panasonic batteries burst. The burst position is located at the joint of hot air in the slot cover or at the corner of stress concentration.
2. Panasonic battery explosion caused by hydrogen exposure to open fire
The explosion limit of the mixture of H2 and O2 is 4%-96% of the volume of the mixture, and that of the mixture of H2 and air is 4%-74% of the volume of the mixture. If 80% of the overcharge is used for electrolytic water, the H2 content in Panasonic battery is larger than the explosion range. When the hydrogen content in Panasonic battery or air accumulates to the explosion limit, an explosion will occur when exposed to open fire, which is a chemical reaction. It is found that the explosion of Panasonic battery belongs to branched chain explosion reaction. This kind of explosion happens too much in the case of overcharge. If there are virtual solder joints in the inner pole and through-wall welding of Panasonic battery, the explosion probability of Panasonic battery is higher. A qualified Panasonic battery will not undergo spontaneous thermal explosion under normal operating conditions. When the charging voltage of Panasonic battery is higher than 14.4V for gasoline vehicle and 28.8V for diesel vehicle, explosion may occur under the condition of simultaneous combustion. Through the vehicle inspection of Panasonic battery explosion, it was found that most of the voltage regulators were defective and Panasonic battery was in a serious overcharging state.




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