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Specific Inspection Content and Method of Panasonic Battery

The use of Panasonic batteries needs regular inspection, so let Xiaobian introduce the specific inspection contents and methods of Panasonic batteries for you today.
1. Check the terminal voltage of each battery in UPS power supply periodically (about 6 months). If the terminal voltage of each battery exceeds 1 V, maintenance (charging or replacing the battery with 0.5CA of balanced voltage and current limiting) is required. Avoid one or two batteries having problems, and cause the whole batteries to be discarded because they are not found in time. (The main feature is that once the power supply is interrupted, the batteries in UPS can only maintain the inverter power supply of UPS for a short time. In severe cases, once the power supply of municipal power is interrupted, UPS power supply will immediately enter the state of automatic shutdown due to low battery voltage.
2. Batteries (batteries) should be used in the environment of 0-30 ~C. If the temperature is too high, the life of the batteries will be shortened greatly, and if the temperature is too low, the actual releasable capacity of the batteries will be greatly reduced. The available capacity of batteries is closely related to environmental temperature.
3. Batteries should be charged after storage for a certain period of time. For UPS, which has been in the power supply for a long time but seldom supplied by batteries, batteries should be charged and discharged regularly.
4. Panasonic battery reminds you to check the connection between battery and UPS regularly and the life of the battery, and replace the battery in time to avoid unnecessary losses.




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