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What are the charging current requirements for Panasonic batteries?

Panasonic batteries are not unfamiliar to everyone, so do you know what requirements Panasonic batteries have for charging current?
Panasonic batteries in the power supply are not used for a long time or keep the batteries in floating charge for a long time without discharging, which will lead to a large amount of lead sulfate adsorbed on the cathode surface of the batteries, forming the so-called "sulfation" of the cathode plate of the batteries. As lead sulfate is an insulator, its formation will certainly charge and discharge the batteries. The more sulfates formed on the cathode plate, the greater the internal resistance of the battery, the worse the charging and discharging performance of the battery, resulting in the "aging" and "activity" decline of the battery, which greatly shortens the service life of the battery. The UPS rectifier/charger should be placed in a closed state every 3 to 4 months to discharge Panasonic batteries in the UPS by artificially interrupting the power supply or by means of software/hardware control. For this kind of battery discharge operation to activate the battery, it is better to control the discharge time of 1/3 of the normal discharge time.
Panasonic batteries first use high current rechargeable batteries to premature exhaustion. The reversible process is the thermodynamic equilibrium process. In order to ensure that the battery can always be charged under the equilibrium state, it is necessary to make the current through the battery as small as possible. In the charging process of sealed maintenance-free batteries, oxygen and hydrogen are generated inside. When oxygen can not be absorbed in time, the difference of solution concentration and other factors exceeds the balance electromotive force of batteries in varying degrees. In chemical reaction, the phenomenon that the electromotive force exceeds the thermodynamic equilibrium value is the polarization phenomenon.




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