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What are the misconceptions of Panasonic battery maintenance?

Matsushita battery life and maintenance also have a very big relationship, in fact, many people have some misunderstandings about the maintenance of Matsushita battery, so today let Matsushita battery manufacturers introduce to you in detail!
There are corrosives on the surface of the terminal post of Panasonic battery pole, which need not be treated, just need not be loosened. Corrosive substances appear on the exterior and exterior and exterior surfaces of connection posts, which lead to the increase of resistance value and affect the normal charging and discharging of batteries. It is necessary to deal with them in time.
When using maintenance-free Panasonic batteries, it is simply assumed that maintenance-free batteries do not require any maintenance. Although maintenance-free can reduce maintenance costs and times, it is still essential to pick up on the appearance, so "maintenance-free" is more directed to the inside of the battery.
When the liquid level is low, compensate the electrolyte or cite the pure water instead of the distilled water required. If the electrolyte containing sulphuric acid is added, the concentration of electrolyte in the battery will increase, and the phenomenon of amusement and acid fog may occur, which will seriously affect the service life of the battery. Drinking pure water is used instead of distilled water, and there are many trace elements in the pure water, which has a negative impact on the battery.
Common shortcomings of Panasonic battery
After a long period of application, the battery of the best quality will also have various shortcomings. Although the quality of Panasonic batteries is at the top level in the industry, it can not prevent this problem. When there are shortcomings in the battery, we can determine the reasons for its shortcomings through testing, and then repair it. Then Panasonic batteries. Just give us some common shortcomings and solutions of Panasonic battery, hoping to help you.
Satisfactorily electrified or using superb batteries, after 1 - 2 days there will be no electricity, the headlamp will not turn on. Press the electric horn to weaken or even make a small noise dynamically. It can be regarded as self-discharging battery. There are two main reasons: one is that the battery separator is broken down or damaged, and impurities such as metal powder are mixed into the electrolyte. Or Panasonic battery tank bottom accumulated too many foreign bodies, forming a short circuit inside the battery; Second, the battery shell is too dirty or overflowing electrolyte is too much in an unswerving way, forming a short circuit between the cover and the pile head.
The first thing to check is whether the battery's appearance is clear. Does the electrolyte overflow to form a conductive layer? Then check whether there is bad contact between the pile head and the conductor, or bad tie-in. The diagnostic method is to disconnect the power switch, remove the negative connection of the battery and scratch it on the pole pile. If there is a spark attack at this time, the short circuit inside the battery should be removed and repaired.




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