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松下蓄电池活性物质脱落现象应该如何解决? How to solve the problem of active material falling off of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery will have the phenomenon of active substance falling off during use. Do you know how to solve the problem of active substance falling off in Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:

The main reason for the fall off of the active material in Panasonic battery is the fall off of the active material lead dioxide on the positive plate. When the battery is charged, there are brown substances rising from the bottom, voltage rising too fast, boiling appears too early, and relative density rising slowly. When discharging, the voltage drops too fast and the capacity drops.


1. If the charging current is too large or over charged for a long time, the water will be electrolyzed to produce a large amount of gas, which will cause pressure inside the plate and make the active substance fall off.

Lead sulphate is produced rapidly, the volume of lead sulphate is expanded, the plate is arched and deformed, which makes the active substance fall off.

3. The battery plates are loose, poorly installed, and the car bumps and shakes will also accelerate the falling off of active substances.

Exclusion method:

1. Avoid overcharging and long-term charging and discharging with high current. The storage battery shall be handled with care to avoid vibration and impact. The battery shall be installed firmly and reliably on the vehicle.




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