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What are the basic requirements for the assembly of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery has a very important application in our life. Do you know the basic assembly requirements of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
1、 Panasonic battery pack plate:
1. Function: effectively avoid short circuit of negative plate caused by powder mixing of positive and tangshallow battery negative plates. Remember: positive and negative plates shall not be mixed, and the parts with lead powder of positive and negative plates shall not be directly contacted by hand during plate wrapping. Special attention shall be paid to: hold the positive and negative polar plates by hand to wrap the plates. Basic elements of battery assembly
2、 Panasonic battery plate weighing:
1. The error between the positive plate and the positive plate of Panasonic battery and between the negative plate and the negative plate must be ≤ 1g.
2. Use the high-precision Panasonic battery plate weighing instrument to weigh the positive and negative plates, put the positive and negative plates in a row respectively, and match the plates with similar or equal error values into a group.
3、 Brush pole ear:
1. Note: it is better to brush the electrode lug on the plate before weighing. The function is: easy to weld later.
2. Cladding details: before cladding, the positive and negative plates need to be engraved. Function: to make the lead powder on the surface of the plate fall off. The wrapping board needs to use two-layer wrapping paper. Function: the use of diaphragm has good
3. The partition board has positive and negative points, and the patterned side of the partition board faces the negative plate.
4. The length of separator paper needs to exceed 2-3mm, that is, the distance between the edge of positive and negative plates and the shell of Panasonic battery is about 1mm.
4、 Panasonic battery pole group welding:
1. One of the key steps to ensure the quality of Panasonic battery, welding part of Panasonic battery: at present, with the continuous progress and development of production and assembly technology of Panasonic battery, welding technology can be divided into: manual welding (called "oxygen welding") and one-time cast welding molding (called "cast welding") using cast welding equipment. Therefore, the welding technology of Panasonic battery is the most fundamental foundation to do a good job of battery; when using casting welding equipment to weld, it is necessary to master casting welding temperature, casting welding time, etc. Using manual welding, the most difficult and necessary is the welding skills. The quality of casting and welding of Panasonic battery directly affects the quality, production and assembly cost of Panasonic battery.




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