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Proper Dismantling and Installation of Panasonic Battery

Panasonic batteries have their inherent life in use. They are used for a long time, the internal plates are aging, and the storage capacity is not enough to meet our needs. Therefore, the whole battery should be replaced.
In the process of battery disassembly, it will inevitably lead to improper disassembly and potential safety hazards.
First: before dismantling batteries, it is necessary to cut off the input of the market electricity, the output of the battery pack, if UPS power supply, power off, cut off the load, and finally turn off the output of ups batteries.
Second: First disconnect the bus of the battery, then wrap the positive and negative poles of the bus with colored insulating tape, and mark them with marker pen.
Third: The principle of dismantling batteries is to dismantle batteries from top to bottom, from left to right, in turn, and do a good job of battery alignment. The upper and lower batteries are marked and positioned on long lines.
Then, we take the batteries apart in turn. Insulation covers the bottom and the top of the batteries to prevent the short circuit of the batteries. Or abandon batteries to avoid potential fire hazards.




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