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Daily Maintenance Method and Main Characteristics of Panasonic Battery

1. Long life

The plate made of special lead-calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance can have longer floating life.

Special colloidal electro-hydraulic is used to increase the acidity of the battery, prevent the electro-hydraulic stratification, prevent the short circuit of the plate branch crystal, and ensure the long service life of the battery.

Colloidal batteries are based on valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries technology to achieve long life. Therefore, the design life of 12V series colloidal batteries is 6 to 8 years (25 C) and that of 2V series colloidal batteries is 10 to 15 years (25 C).

2. Less self-discharge

The grid made of special lead-calcium alloy can keep the self-discharge to a minimum for a long time.

3. Easy maintenance

Because most of the oxygen generated in the battery is absorbed and reduced to electrolyte by the cathode plate during floating charging, there is no reduction of electrolyte, so it is not necessary to measure the specific gravity of electrolyte and replenish water in the same way as ordinary batteries.

4. Simple installation

Vertical and lateral installation of batteries can be used, without electro-hydraulic leakage, and the battery will not produce acid fog during normal charging process. Therefore, the battery can be installed in the office or supporting equipment room, without the need to build a dedicated battery room, reducing the cost of the project.

5. High safety

Batteries are equipped with safety valves to prevent excessive gas generation. In addition, explosion-proof filters are installed to prevent ignition to the battery interior even if sparks are close to each other.

6. Easy to use

Batteries are fully charged when they leave the factory. Users can install and put into use after they get the batteries.

7. The Use Environment of Panasonic Battery

The service life of Panasonic battery is closely related to environmental temperature. When the battery is at a lower temperature, the zinc plate in Panasonic battery is easy to pulverize, lose the performance of Panasonic battery and cause permanent damage. When the temperature is too high, the capacity of the battery will also decrease, which will cause permanent damage. Panasonic batteries in the use of the process, we must pay attention to the surrounding environment, not easy to wet and not too high temperature, the appropriate temperature can be.

According to the technical specifications of battery manufacturers, the optimum operating temperature of CSB batteries is 20-25 C. The service life of CSB batteries can be prolonged by using CSB batteries in this temperature range. We must keep in mind the best temperature for use.

8. UPS Battery Maintenance

With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of UPS is getting better and better, the average trouble-free working time is getting longer and longer, and the reliability of the whole machine is getting higher and higher. It is particularly important to maintain consumable batteries in UPS.




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