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Panasonic Battery Anti-counterfeiting Query System:
Panasonic battery anti-counterfeiting inquiry system can not only improve the integrity of enterprises, but also allow anti-counterfeiting inquiry system to supervise the emergence of unsafe products, so that consumers'shopping hidden dangers disappear from our lives, thus increasing the transparency of consumption, promoting product sales, and helping Panasonic battery enterprises develop rapidly.
Anti-counterfeiting inquiry method:
From February 1, 2019, our company's product anti-counterfeiting inquiry marks and inquiry methods are changed as follows:
After consumers purchase products, they can uncover the surface of anti-counterfeiting logo and see Weixin 2-D code and 16-bit red, blue, green and black anti-counterfeiting digital.
(1) Wechat Inquiry: Open the two-dimensional code in Wechat Scanning Anti-counterfeiting Identification.
(2) Telephone enquiry: 4008155888. According to the prompt voice, press the "1" key to input the 16-digit number under the identification coating one by one from left to right, first up and then down, and then press the "" key to end.
(3) Network query: www.t3315.com. Enter 16-bit anti-counterfeiting numbers and verification codes in the box under the anti-counterfeiting query, and click "Query".
Cautions to Consumers
· The change of anti-counterfeiting products is based on the time of certification. The products marked on the certificate before February 1, 2019 still use the original anti-counterfeiting label.
· 12V/6 Series: Batteries above 24Ah are labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels when they leave the factory. Batteries without anti-counterfeiting labels are counterfeit products.
· When inquiring about products, for the first time, the system prompted, "What you inquired about is the product produced by Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., which is the logo of the genuine product."
If the anti-counterfeiting code is re-queried, the system prompts that "the number has been queried X times, the last query time is X point X on X month X day of X year, in order to prevent counterfeiting,
Anti-counterfeiting digital can only be effectively queried once. If the time of your first query does not match the time mentioned above, please be careful that the product is a counterfeit product.
· Please do not uncover the label after inquiry. If there are quality problems in the future, the label will be one of the reference bases for our company to provide quality assurance.
· Our company currently does not open through 800 service telephone, other products with 800 service inquiry telephone are counterfeit products.
· If you encounter problems when using the system, please call the Quality Management Department of Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (400-080-0308).




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