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Why does Panasonic battery lack electricity in winter?

Many people will feel the lack of electricity when using Panasonic battery in winter, so do you know why? Let's listen to Xiaobian's introduction for friends who are not clear yet!
What's wrong with the lack of battery power in winter?
In winter, with the decrease of temperature, we often find that the power consumption of battery will decrease. Generally speaking, as long as the temperature is below zero, the power consumption of battery will be only about 80% of that in normal times, which is an inevitable phenomenon in this kind of products.
So don't think that the effect of using the battery in winter is not good, just think that the Panasonic battery has problems or should be replaced. You should pay attention to see if it is affected by the temperature. If you want to solve this problem, it is very simple. Here is a free introduction.
How to ensure that the battery works normally in winter?
If you want Panasonic battery to have a very good capacitance state when the temperature is cold in winter, you need to adjust the electrolyte in the battery. You only need to use distilled water or special supplement liquid to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte, so that you can adjust the capacitance of the battery well and make it play a better effect.
If you can't operate by yourself, you can also go to the repair shop or the battery manufacturer to operate. Only by such adjustment, you can guarantee the battery function in cold weather.




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