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What are the misunderstandings about Panasonic battery?

  Panasonic battery has a very wide range of applications in our life, but many people have some misunderstandings about Panasonic battery, so today let's make a detailed introduction for you!

  Firstly, it is clear that VRLA of Panasonic VRLA is not maintenance free, but a less maintenance VRLA battery which does not need adding acid and water to save a lot of work compared with open type VRLA battery. A kind of

     one of maintenance: VRLA of VRLA should be charged every three months under normal operation. The purpose is to supplement the capacity of Panasonic battery and activate the active substance of battery. A kind of

     equalizing voltage selection:  

     ambient temperature   average charging voltage of single unit   average charging voltage of 24V system   average charging voltage of 48V system  

     maintenance II:  

     items to be checked frequently for sealed battery:  

    A. terminal voltage

                     . A kind of

    C.   whether the battery shell has leakage and deformation. A kind of

                      . A kind of

                              . Real time understanding of the battery charge and discharge curve and performance, and timely troubleshooting in case of failure.




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