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What problems will Panasonic batteries face when they are used in harsh environments?

Panasonic batteries are used in many parts of our lives. Do you know what problems Panasonic batteries will face when they are used in harsh environments?
With the increase of outdoor base station applications, Panasonic battery failures are gradually highlighted in harsh application environments, such as Pakistan, India and other South Asian regions, which not only caused economic losses to operators but also damaged their customer satisfaction. In view of the massive damage of Panasonic batteries in harsh application environment, Panasonic Battery Official Network has been extensively investigated, in-depth understanding of the application scenario of batteries, and investigation and analysis of the causes of battery failure. The key to the problem is not the Panasonic battery itself. The problem is that the outdoor battery cabinet does not consider the high temperature protection of Panasonic battery. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive solution for Panasonic battery application in outdoor harsh environment.
Contrastive Analysis of Active Heat Dissipation Technology for Outdoor Battery Cabinet
There are many ways to heat the outdoor cabinet. Which way is suitable for the outdoor battery cabinet? This should start with the product characteristics of Panasonic battery. For Panasonic batteries in the communication DC power supply system, users are most concerned about their service life. The main factors affecting the service life of Panasonic batteries are environmental temperature and power grid conditions.
The service life of Panasonic battery is closely related to environmental temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the service life of Panasonic battery. When the ambient temperature is higher than the required temperature (25oC) for the design life of the battery, the service life will be reduced by half for every 10oC rise in temperature.




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