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What should Panasonic batteries pay attention to when charging for the first time?

The initial charging current of Panasonic battery is controlled below 0.25CA. Charging capacity is set to 100-120% of discharge capacity. But when the ambient temperature is below 5 C, it is set to 120-130%. [The lower the temperature (below 5 C), the longer the charging end time, the higher the temperature (above 35 C), the more likely overcharge will occur, so it is better to charge within 5 30 especially in cyclic use. ] In order to prevent overcharging, try to install charging timer, or automatically convert to trickle charging mode. When charging, the temperature of Panasonic battery should be controlled in the range of - 15 +50.

1. When charging, the cover of the charging hole of the battery should be opened and the indoor connection should be maintained.

The wind is good so as not to release a lot of gas at the end of charging.

2. When charging, fireworks should be strictly prohibited to prevent combustion of gases released during charging.

3. When charging, the positive and negative pole cables between the battery and the charger should be connected first, and then the power supply of the charger should be connected. Otherwise, sparks may occur when connecting the cables, which may cause explosion accidents.

4. During the charging process, the temperature of the battery should be checked at any time, so as not to overheat.

5. Charger is generally connected with 380V power supply, so when moving and operating the charger, we must pay attention to safety.

6. When checking the relative density of the electrolyte and the terminal voltage of the battery, please follow the preceding safety precautions.

7. Charger should not be used under direct sunlight or open rain, or in the environment of larger dust or corrosive gases.

8. The charger shall be grounded strictly in the use of grounding wire. The charger shall be charged with a fast protection device (over-current protector). When the charging current is too large, it shall automatically trip and protect the electrical equipment. When recharging, the protection switch shall be closed.




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