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What are the hazards of deep discharge of Panasonic battery?

About the use of Panasonic battery, many people don't know the harm after its deep discharge, so let's let Xiaobian introduce it in detail!
Deep discharge is strictly prohibited for Panasonic battery! The use of battery is closely related to the discharge depth of battery. Deep discharge will lead to sulfation of the internal plate surface of the battery, increase the internal resistance of the battery, and even cause the expansion and deformation of the battery plate, which will make the active material of the plate fall off, and cause the "reverse polarity" phenomenon and permanent damage of individual batteries. The discharge depth of the battery seriously affects the service life of the battery. It is necessary not to leave the battery in a deep discharge state, and try to avoid over-current and over-voltage charging. Over current charging is easy to cause the positive and negative plates inside the battery to bend, make the active substances on the surface of the plates fall off, cause the usable capacity of the battery to decline, and seriously cause the internal plates of the battery to be short circuited, so as to damage the battery. Over voltage charging often causes the water contained in the battery electrolyte to be separated into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, which shortens the battery service life




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