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Identification method of Panasonic battery capacity

Panasonic battery has been widely used in our life, so do you know how to identify the capacity of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Panasonic battery capacity can be marked by the following methods, such as C20, C10, C5 and C2, which respectively represent the actual capacity of the battery discharged at the discharge rate of 20h, 10h, 5h and 2H. If it is the capacity under 20h discharge rate, the mark shall be C20, C20 = 10Ah battery, which refers to the capacity value obtained by 20h discharge with C20 / 20 current. When it is converted to C5, that is to say, when the current is 4 times of the specified current of C20, the capacity is only about 7Ah. Electric bicycles generally discharge in 1-2h, and the Panasonic battery discharge in 1-2h (C1-C2), which is close to 10 times of the specified current, then the actual energy it can supply is only 50% - 54% of the capacitance of C20. The capacity of Panasonic battery is marked with C2, that is, the capacity marked with the rate of 2H discharge. If it is not C2, it should be calculated to get the correct discharge time and capacity. If the capacity indicated by the 5-hour discharge rate (C5) is 100%, if the discharge is completed within 3 hours, the actual capacity is only 88%; if the discharge is completed within 2 hours, only 78%; if the discharge is completed within 1 hour, only 65% of the capacity at 5-hour discharge is left. The capacity indicated is assumed to be 10Ah. At present, only 8.8ah of actual electric quantity can be obtained by 3-hour discharge, and only 6.5ah can be obtained by 1-hour discharge. If the discharge rate is reduced at will, the discharge current > 0.5c2 will not only reduce the capacity than the marked one, but also have a certain impact on the life of Panasonic battery. In the same way, for batteries with C3 marked (rated) capacity, the discharge current is C3 / 3, i.e., ≈ 0.333c3. If C5, the discharge current shall be 0.2c5,




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