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Some features of Panasonic battery

Panasonic battery is far ahead in the battery industry. Do you know what are the characteristics of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Solid gel electrolyte was used. In the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large and the heat dissipation capacity is strong, which can avoid the heat runaway phenomenon of general battery. The adaptability (high and low temperature) to the ambient temperature is strong.
There is no free liquid inside and there is no possibility of internal short circuit.
The electrolyte concentration is low, the corrosion to the plate is weak; the concentration is uniform, and there is no acid stratification.
Using antimony free alloy battery plate, the self discharge rate of the battery is very low, and the battery does not need to be recharged for two years under 20 ℃.
Adopt sliding sealing technology
Long time discharge ability and cycle discharge ability are strong
High sensitivity and low pressure umbrella type air valve is adopted, without leakage or swelling.
Super strong ability to withstand deep discharge and high current discharge, with self-protection of overcharge and over discharge, the battery can still be connected to the load after 100%, and the charging can be restored to the original capacity within four weeks, that is to say, it allows the pole growth at the later stage of battery use which is inevitable due to electrochemical reaction, and also ensures its high sealing performance.




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