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Precautions for the first charging of Panasonic battery

No matter what type of battery needs to be paid attention to when charging for the first time, let's introduce the precautions for the first charging of Panasonic battery to you today!
The first charge of Panasonic battery is called initial charge, which has a great influence on the service life and charge capacity of Panasonic battery.
If the charge is insufficient, the charge capacity of the battery is not high, and the service life of the battery is short; if the charge is excessive, the electrical performance of the battery is good, but the service life of the battery will also be shortened, so the new battery should be charged carefully.
For the dry charged lead-acid battery, according to the operation manual, if it needs to be used within the specified two-year storage period, it can be put into use without charging as long as the electrolyte of the specified density is added and kept for 15min.
However, if the storage period is more than two years, due to partial oxidation on the plate, in order to improve its charge capacity, supplementary charging shall be carried out before use, and it shall be reused after charging for 5h-8h.




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