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How to clean and check Panasonic battery?

The use of Panasonic battery needs to be cleaned regularly. Do you know how often Panasonic battery is cleaned? Here is a detailed introduction:
How to clean and check Panasonic battery?
Panasonic battery is a well-known brand in the world and widely used in China. It is only used in aerospace, industry, mine, emergency lighting system, transportation and so on. It does not need to be cleaned and inspected under the normal operation of the battery. However, if the time is too long and there is a lot of dust, it needs to be cleaned. Because of the different application environment of the battery, there is more dust and shadow Ring circuit wires, lead to host control disorder, sometimes lead to the formation of poor heat dissipation devices, which need cleaning and inspection.
How often does Panasonic battery clean and check?
Generally speaking, it should be cleaned once a quarter, so as to effectively remove dust and other sundries, check the loose connection, test the battery voltage, replace the unqualified battery, check the fan operation and the whole system parameters of the battery, and then wipe the battery with a soft cloth to keep the battery surface clean.




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