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Panasonic batteries if they can be kept for a long time.

Panasonic batteries are mostly used in emergency lighting or emergency power supply industry. Large data storage and new energy storage are all used. We should know that the storage of batteries should be combined with certain conditions, so that the batteries will not be damaged and the service life will be long. Many customers do not know how to keep Fuhua batteries for a long time. Today, I will give you a brief introduction.

1. Pay attention to temperature

Storage temperature should not exceed the range of - 20 C to + 40 C. Storage time should ensure that the battery is fully charged. After a period of time, attention should be paid to the timely replenishment of the battery. Don't idle without charging for a long time.

2. Attention to the Environment

In the dry and low temperature environment, well ventilated indoor preservation, do not put in a humid place, also do not put near the fire source. Prevent the influence of high temperature.

3. Don't get wet

In the process of transfer or placement, attention should be paid not to water, which will affect the battery wiring circuit and the electrolyte. Causes the line connection not to be smooth, or burns down the question.

4. Pay attention to maintenance and charging

In the storage of idle, we should pay attention to the battery power, do not have long-term power limit, pay attention to check the circuit.

5. UPS Battery Maintenance

With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of UPS is getting better and better, the average trouble-free working time is getting longer and longer, and the reliability of the whole machine is getting higher and higher. It is particularly important to maintain consumable batteries in UPS.

Panasonic batteries have also started their own anti-counterfeiting system, code anti-counterfeiting skills have their own characteristics. Anti-counterfeiting label collection is a number of high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology. More unique anti-counterfeiting technology, even if the phenomenon of counterfeiting to grasp the method of marking production. But there is no way to identify the counterfeit and authentic counterfeit codes. There is no way to produce counterfeit code information, and there is no national coverage in the middle database. Therefore, the phenomenon of industrial fraud can not be eradicated fundamentally.

So anti-counterfeiting label should have its own uniqueness, that is, a commodity has a code. It can be encrypted by computer to avoid duplication. Code also has a certain degree of confidentiality. Every code sign is hidden in the code anti-counterfeiting sign. As long as the labeled items are opened, the code can be seen. After the code query, the intermediate database will automatically record and eliminate the anti-counterfeiting code automatically. Avoid the possibility of reuse.




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