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What are the elements of the use and maintenance of Panasonic batteries?

The proper use and maintenance of Panasonic batteries are as follows:

1. Check whether the fixing bolt of the battery on the bracket is tightened or not. Installation is not reliable, and the housing will be damaged due to driving vibration. In addition, do not put metal on the battery to prevent short circuit.

2. Always check whether the pole and wiring head are connected reliably. Vaseline and other protective agents can be applied to prevent oxidation of the terminal.

3. Can not use direct ignition (short circuit test) method to check the battery's power, which will cause damage to the battery.

4. Regular addition of distilled water should be paid attention to in ordinary lead-acid batteries. Dry-charged batteries should be properly charged before they are used. As for water-added maintenance-free batteries, it is not impossible to maintain them properly. Supplementation of distilled water when necessary will help prolong their service life.

5. The air holes on the battery cover should be unobstructed. When the battery is charged, a large number of bubbles will be generated. If the air vent is blocked, the gas can not escape. When the pressure increases to a certain extent, the battery shell will burst.

6. There are often yellow-white pastes around the battery pole and cover, which are caused by sulfuric acid corrosion of the root pole, wire clip, fixture, etc. The resistance of these substances is very high, so they should be removed in time.

7. When two batteries are used in series, the capacity of the batteries is equal. Otherwise, it will affect the life of the battery.

Common shortcomings of Panasonic battery

After a long period of application, the battery of the best quality will also have various shortcomings. Although the quality of Panasonic batteries is at the top level in the industry, it can not prevent this problem. When there are shortcomings in the battery, we can determine the reasons for its shortcomings through testing, and then repair it. Then Panasonic batteries. Just give us some common shortcomings and solutions of Panasonic battery, hoping to help you.

Satisfactorily electrified or using superb batteries, after 1 - 2 days there will be no electricity, the headlamp will not turn on. Press the electric horn to weaken or even make a small noise dynamically. It can be regarded as self-discharging battery. There are two main reasons: one is that the battery separator is broken down or damaged, and impurities such as metal powder are mixed into the electrolyte. Or Panasonic battery tank bottom accumulated too many foreign bodies, forming a short circuit inside the battery; Second, the battery shell is too dirty or overflowing electrolyte is too much in an unswerving way, forming a short circuit between the cover and the pile head.

Solution of Panasonic Battery:

The first thing to check is whether Panasonic batteries are clean. Does the electrolyte overflow to form a conductive layer? Then check whether there is bad contact between the pile head and the conductor, or bad tie-in. The diagnostic method is to disconnect the power switch, remove the negative connection of the battery and scratch it on the pole pile. If there is a spark attack at this time, the short circuit inside the battery should be removed and repaired.




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