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What are the precautions for the outdoor installation of Panasonic battery?

In some cases, Panasonic battery needs to be used outdoors. Do you know the precautions for outdoor installation of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Temperature and humid gas have been corroding our batteries, and we should pay attention to anti-theft!
There are two solutions:
In order to solve the problem of power supply for outdoor communication equipment, the buried battery box is adopted to achieve better anti-theft and dust-proof effect, reduce the impact of outdoor high temperature on battery life and extend battery life. The air exchange fan and humidity sensor are installed in the air conduit of the buried battery cabinet to collect the humidity data in the box. The monitoring unit of the communication power supply monitors the humidity index in the battery cabinet to determine the frequency of air exchange.
It adopts the latest battery full seal technology, such as Panasonic battery (produced by Panasonic battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.), now it has the most strict patent in the world, that is, the full seal technology. The solar energy and wind energy special batteries produced are directly placed 5 meters underground (or 3 meters underwater) without any buried boxes. It can still achieve the design service life of the battery for 5 years, and realize the national after-sale joint insurance for 3 years!




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