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Why does Panasonic battery not last?

  In the process of using Panasonic batteries, many people reflect that Panasonic batteries have become impatient. Do you know why? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

  The first hidden danger: inferior charger

  Batteries and chargers are the best partners, but if the quality of chargers is not good, the batteries are also vulnerable. Panasonic battery engineers say that chargers in the market are mixed and their quality is greatly discounted. There are often problems that the battery does not turn the lamp when it is full of electricity. They can not adjust the charging current according to the current of the battery, resulting in a large number of overcharged or undercharged batteries. After repeated overcharges, the battery will be charged, and repeated undercharges will lead to battery capacity. It is prone to decline.

  Second hidden danger: excessive charging current

  Normally, the batteries manufactured by regular manufacturers have a certain charging current value, and the charging current is greater than this reasonable current value. We generally recommend that the charging current of Panasonic batteries be 1/10 of the battery capacity. It is easy to cause too fast precipitation on the electrode plate, which leads to inadequate chemical reaction. At this time, the temperature inside the battery will rise rapidly. If the exhaust is not timely, the battery will be damaged naturally. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a charger that matches the type of battery to charge the battery.

  Third hidden danger: bad charging habits

  Correct and reasonable charging method can prolong the service life of battery, protect battery, avoid overcharging as far as possible, and easily cause battery overcharging. When the temperature rises in summer, the charging time should be shortened. When the charger matches the battery, it should be charged for 8-10 hours when the discharge is 60%-70%. When the temperature is high in summer, remember not to charge for a long time. If the battery is not used for a long time, remember to charge it every other month, the battery will cause irreversible sulfation, accelerating the "decay" of the battery.




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