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What are the main leakage phenomena of Panasonic battery?

I believe everyone is familiar with Panasonic battery, so do you know the main phenomena of Panasonic battery leakage? Here is a detailed introduction:
The column is surrounded by white crystal, with obvious black corrosion and sulfuric acid drop. B if the battery is lying on the ground, there is a white powder corroded by acid. The copper core of the C-pillar is green, the liquid drop in the spiral sleeve is large, or there is obvious liquid drop between the tank covers.
Cause: some battery screw sleeves are loose, the pressure of sealing ring is reduced, leading to leakage. B the aging of sealant causes cracks at the seal. C battery is seriously charged, all kinds of batteries are mixed, and the compound power of battery gas is poor. D. when the acid is full, the acid is ejected to form a false leak.
Methods: wipe the possible leakage, and leave it for later investigation. B. strengthen the screw sleeve of the leakage battery, and continue to study C to improve the sealing structure of the battery.




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