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Some Problems to be Avoided in the Use of Panasonic Batteries

Panasonic batteries in the use process there are many problems that need attention, then let Xiaobian for you to introduce Panasonic batteries should avoid some problems!
1. Do not block the ventilation holes of non-maintenance-free batteries. The ventilation holes of non-maintenance-free batteries are used to heat and release internal pressure. If the ventilation holes are blocked, the internal pressure will rise and the battery will explode in serious cases.
Second, do not use incorrect charging methods. Battery charging should adopt the method of long time and small current. If large current is used for long time, the electrolyte will be heated and boiling, and the internal moisture evaporates, thus the density of the electrolyte will be changed.
3. Don't work under the condition of long-term power shortage. If the discharging of Panasonic battery is excessive due to carelessness of the user, the battery should be charged first after recharging.
Occasionally, the battery overdischarge has little effect on the battery life, as long as the user can ensure that Panasonic battery is fully charged after solving the problem. Long-term operation in the state of power shortage has the greatest damage to the life of Panasonic battery. Therefore, users can not only check the battery in appearance, but also check the color change in the round inspection window of the maintenance-free battery. In addition, some professional tools are needed to check the battery. Other more professional tests should be handed over to professional and technical personnel in order to avoid danger.




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