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Why should the internal resistance of Panasonic battery be replaced in time?

Friends who have contact with Panasonic battery may know that Panasonic battery with excessive internal resistance needs to be replaced in time, so do you know why? Here's a detailed introduction:
Too much internal resistance, too long service life of Panasonic battery or resulting in decreased activity, too much internal resistance, indicating that the Panasonic battery needs to be replaced!
(1) with the extension of UPS power supply use time, the charging and discharging characteristics of some batteries will gradually deteriorate, and the terminal voltage will obviously drop. The performance of this battery can no longer be solved by the internal charging circuit of UPS power supply, and there will be hidden dangers in the continuous use, so it should be replaced in time.
(2) if the internal resistance of Shenyang Panasonic battery increases, the battery that can't recover its charging characteristics after charging with normal charging voltage should be replaced in time. Generally, the internal resistance of the battery is 10-30m Ω. If the internal resistance of the battery exceeds 200m Ω, it will not be enough to maintain the normal operation of ups. The battery with large internal resistance must be replaced.




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