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What should we pay attention to when choosing Panasonic batteries?

Panasonic batteries play a very important role in our life, so do you know what consumers need to pay attention to when choosing Panasonic batteries?
· Each of our medium-capacity Panasonic batteries (12V series: 24Ah/28Ah, 38Ah/42Ah, 65Ah/75Ah, 100Ah/120Ah, 150Ah/200Ah; 6V series: 200Ah) has anti-counterfeiting labels when they leave the factory. Batteries without anti-counterfeiting labels are counterfeits.
· We don't have 800 services available at present. The others with 800 inquiry telephone labels are counterfeit products.
· When the first query is made, the system will automatically record the query time at that time, so it can only query once effectively, and our labels are classified. Please listen to the prompt voice.
· Please do not uncover the label after inquiry. If there are quality problems in the future, the label will be one of the reference bases for our company to provide quality assurance.
The acidity in the electrolyte of Panasonic batteries, which lost water, would certainly be much heavier than before, thus promoting the vulcanization of batteries. The oxygen recycling ability of the negative plate is reduced, and the capacity of the battery is slowly reduced. Battery vulcanization also aggravates water loss. Loss of water makes the vulcanization cycle worse. The resulting battery loses its initial capacity. In addition, the discharge of batteries can also cause the loss of electrolyte water. Some batteries are made of low-grade aluminium alloy, because the suction pressure of batteries decreases, which makes the batteries more water-deficient or vulcanized.




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