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Why does temperature affect the life of Panasonic batteries?

Speaking of the impact of Panasonic battery life, then temperature is one of them, so you know why? The following details for you:
The service life of Panasonic battery depends on the working environment temperature, daily maintenance and maintenance. Normally, Panasonic battery life can reach 8-10 years, while properly maintained UPS power supply can last more than 15 years.
Maintenance-free batteries for UPS power supply generally have a life of 3-5 years. Some users will be equipped with long-life models, such as 8-10 years, the longest up to 20 years or more. Lead-acid batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, etc. Considering load conditions, service environment, service life and cost, in order to ensure reliable, stable and safe operation of the system, UPS batteries are generally recommended to be replaced once every five years, depending on the actual situation.
Whether sealed or overflow batteries, there are four main factors affecting their life: the environmental temperature of batteries, the chemical composition of batteries, the use cycle of batteries, the maintenance and service of batteries.
Environmental temperature and excessive ambient temperature have a great influence on the service life of Panasonic battery. When the temperature rises, the plate corrosion of Panasonic battery will be aggravated, and more water will be consumed, thus shortening the battery life.
Effect of Panasonic Battery Temperature
It is well known that Panasonic batteries will gradually aging in the use process, and temperature is often one of the most important factors affecting this process. According to the research of many scientific research institutions, the life of Panasonic batteries will be shortened by about 10% when the temperature of Panasonic batteries rises by 5 degrees Celsius.
Therefore, temperature is the first environmental factor affecting the life of Panasonic battery. When using power supply, relevant operation should be carried out in the appropriate temperature environment. Avoid temperature damage to batteries.
Temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of Panasonic battery. So UPS should be designed to keep the battery as warm as possible.
Panasonic battery has strict requirements for its charging equipment when the ambient temperature changes. The normal service life of Panasonic battery is affected by the design defects of charging equipment in the past.




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