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Installation position requirements of Panasonic battery

Installation position requirements of Panasonic battery
Precautions for using Panasonic battery
(1) Confirm that the use conditions meet the specification requirements of the manufacturer.
(2) It must be charged after initial use or long-term storage.
(3) UPS battery is used for floating charge. If the battery is frequently used (similar to recycling), it will seriously affect the trickle life of the battery.
(4) Check the battery regularly.
(5) In case of deformation and leakage, please do not use it and replace it.
(6) If the connection at the terminal is not tight, there is a risk of fire.
(7) It is recommended to discharge the battery once in 3-6 months if there is no power failure. If there is any abnormality in the charging voltage or discharge characteristics of the battery, please replace the battery.
(8) When the battery capacity is less than 50% of the initial capacity, the battery shall be replaced in time.
(9) When replacing the battery, pay attention to the charge state of the battery and that of the battery used in groups!




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