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What are the methods of using DC screen in Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery quality is internationally recognized, Panasonic battery after-sales industry is also unanimously recognized by users, the following specific introduction of Panasonic battery in DC screen application

Check whether the fixing bolt of Panasonic battery on the bracket is tightened, whether the equipment is fluttering and even the shell is damaged badly. In addition, do not put metal on the battery to prevent short circuit.

Always check whether the pole is firmly attached to the terminal. Vaseline and other maintenance agents are generally applied to protect the terminal post from oxidation.

Fucheng checks the power of Panasonic batteries by means of direct fire short circuit performance, which will do harm to the composition of the batteries.

Generally, lead-acid direct current screen batteries should pay attention to adding distilled water at regular intervals. Dry-charged batteries are the best for charging before they are used. As for the non-guard batteries that can be added water, it's not that they can't guard properly when searching for the need to make up for distilled water to help extend their service life.

The air holes on the Panasonic battery cover should be clear. When the battery is charged, many bubbles will ignite. If the air vent is suffocated, the gas can not escape. When the pressure increases to an unnecessary level, the battery shell will burst.

Matsushita battery poles and caps often have yellow-white paste on all sides, because sulfuric acid erodes the root column, wire clips, fixtures and other causes of these spiritual resistance is very large, to be removed in time.

When two batteries are needed to work together for a long time, the capacity of the batteries is best equal. Otherwise, it will affect the service life of DC screen batteries.




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