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How should Panasonic batteries be cleaned and maintained?

  There are many factors affecting the service life of Panasonic batteries, of which cleaning and maintenance are two points. Do you know how to clean and maintain Panasonic batteries?

  1. Lead and sulphuric acid contained in storage batteries are environmental pollutants. They should be stored carefully to avoid impact. They should not be placed obliquely at an angle greater than 45 degrees or inverted to avoid leakage of electrolyte from small holes.

  2. Before installing the new Panasonic battery, please clean the corrosion on the battery connector, pallet and bracket. These corrosion can easily cause bad contact and lead to short circuit leakage.

  Remind you to remove the battery, please remove the "iron pole" first, and install the "iron pole" later.

  4. Remind you that high temperature will lead to accelerated self-discharge of batteries and avoid storage and discharge of batteries in high temperature environment.

  5. Avoid mixing with alkaline substances.

  6. Once the battery stops operating for more than 20 days, the negative wire of the battery should be dismantled to avoid leakage accident.

  The above six points are the basic matters needing attention in the maintenance and cleaning of Panasonic batteries.




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