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What are the reliability factors that affect the use of Panasonic battery for UPS power supply?

Panasonic battery has been applied in many places in our life. Do you know what are the reliability factors that affect the use of Panasonic battery for UPS? Here is a detailed introduction:
UPS is called uninterruptible power supply, because when the power is cut off, it can quickly switch to the "inverter" state, so that the computer in use will not lose important documents because of the sudden power cut and storage in the future. It is not used as the standby power supply, if you just want to use the power when the power is cut off, just buy the inverter. Panasonic battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. recommends supporting UPS batteries, mainly including Panasonic batteries up, lc-p, lc-y, LC -- pH, lc-qa and other series, which are valve controlled maintenance free lead-acid batteries. For UPS UPS, the factors that affect the reliability of Panasonic battery mainly include battery voltage, battery ambient temperature, charging board performance, battery ripple current, etc.
Battery voltage affects the reliability of Panasonic battery
Panasonic battery is a single "primary battery". Each primary battery has a voltage of about 2V. The primary battery is connected in series to form a battery with a higher voltage. A 12V battery is composed of six primary batteries. When the ups battery is charged, each primary battery connected in series is charged. If the performance of the primary battery is slightly different, the charging voltage of some primary batteries will be higher than that of other primary batteries, and these batteries will age in advance. As long as the performance of a battery in series declines, the performance of the whole battery will also decline. The test shows that the battery life is related to the number of primary batteries in series. The higher the battery voltage is, the faster the aging is.




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