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How to deal with the failure of Panasonic battery?

There will inevitably be failures in the use of Panasonic battery. Do you know how to deal with the failures in the use of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
First, what should we do when Panasonic battery is sulfurized. What's more, this is very simple and effective, which is very suitable for non professionals to use, and the equipment used is very few. Use the electric furnace wire to discharge the battery to 0V, and then charge it with a charger. This method can repair the softening and imbalance of the battery, which is very big for capacity improvement. For the battery in normal use, it can achieve a good maintenance effect once every three months, and also extend the service life of Panasonic battery.
The second way is to solve the problem of battery vulcanization of Panasonic battery by charging. The lamp can't be over charged when the ordinary charger is full. We can use 48 V charger to charge 36 V battery, 60 V charger to charge 48 V battery, and so on, but we must do a good job of cooling and current limiting, and control the temperature of Panasonic battery, Put it in water to cool down, of course, it can also lift the battery cover of Panasonic battery, and remove the rubber plug can also cool down. The current limiting can be solved by using the series resistance wire. The current of 1A can be overshot for about five to ten hours to repair the current vulcanization problem.
The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the treatment method of Panasonic battery after vulcanization in the process of use. Xiaobian told you that it must be clear that if there is a fault, it must be checked and analyzed, and clear the method. The vulcanization problem of Panasonic battery can be repaired, and the water loss can also be repaired, so it must be clear about the fault, find the appropriate method, and then the loose battery can be repaired Failure of the lower battery.




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