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How to solve the leakage of Panasonic battery?

  Panasonic batteries may leak due to errors in operating methods. Do you know how to solve the leak in Panasonic batteries?

  Panasonic batteries have four kinds of leakage under normal conditions. Among them, the common one is that the sealing between the top cover and the bottom groove is not good, which leads to cracking, while safety valve leakage and wiring leakage also occur. However, this probability is not very high, and there is another one, which is the leakage of other parts. These four cases.

  The solution is to check the appearance of Panasonic batteries. In fact, there are many times because of the lack of attention in the process of cycling, which leads to the damage of Panasonic batteries'shell. So we should first check whether the shell is broken, and then proceed to the next operation. Remove the panel and check if the safety valve is missing. If not, proceed to the next step. If so, the safety valve needs to be repaired.

  In the case of no abnormality in the first two steps, it is necessary to test the air tightness of Panasonic battery, that is, pressurize the battery in water to see if there are bubbles. If there are bubbles, it means that the air tightness is not very good, if not, it means normal. Also, when charging, it is necessary to inquire whether there is an active electrolyte, if it is to be pulled out.

  These are the solutions to the leakage of electrolyte in Panasonic batteries. We must pay attention to the fact that the leakage of electrolyte in Panasonic batteries is closely related to the quality, so users must recognize brand products in the process of purchasing, and do not covet cheap products. Panasonic batteries have good quality, high endurance, large capacity and long life, which can remove the worries of users.




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