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What problems do Panasonic batteries need to pay attention to during their use?

The use of Panasonic batteries directly affects the life of Panasonic batteries, so do you know what problems Panasonic batteries need to pay attention to in the use process?
Panasonic batteries should pay attention to the cleanliness of shell, cover, wire clamp and electrode pile. In the daily maintenance of Hercules batteries, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of shell, lid, wire clamp and electrode pile, because the soil, dust and overflowing electrolyte all have certain conductivity, and when the thickness of deposit layer reaches a certain level, it will cause electricity. The self-discharge between piles results in plate damage. In addition, when scrubbing, do not use gasoline, in order to avoid causing fire. Butter or vaseline should be coated on the electrode post after the oxide is removed to prevent re-oxidation.
The density of electrolyte should be adjusted in time according to different seasons. Attention should be paid to the discharge degree of batteries, which should not exceed 25% in winter and 50% in summer. Otherwise, they should be charged in time. It's better to recharge once a month. Charging and discharging cycles are carried out every 3 months to find out the faults and remove them as soon as possible.




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