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How should Panasonic batteries prevent oxidation?

Panasonic batteries will be oxidized in the use process, which will affect the use of Panasonic batteries, so do you know how Panasonic batteries should do a good job of anti-oxidation?
Anti-corrosion work is also one of the items that should be paid attention to frequently in the maintenance of storage batteries. In order to ensure the normal operation of batteries and prevent the sulfuric acid droplets from sulfuric acid vapor and charging process from falling on buildings or equipment of seedling battery room causing corrosion, this work must be done well.
1. The spare tap wires and connection wires of Panasonic batteries shall be coated with acid-resistant paint of different colors according to their polarity. Positive polarity should be eliminated red, negative polarity should be painted blue. Connecting wire and tap wire should be coated with Ershilin ointment at both ends and timely according to the actual situation.
2. Panasonic Battery Indoor doors, window frames, walls, ceilings, ventilation hood, inside and outside of ventilation ducts, metal structures, brackets and lighting fixtures should be painted with acid-proof paint. If there is no anti-acid rolling, it can be used as a cause and paint or capital paint. In order to maintain durability, after coating this layer of paint, it is necessary to integrate an acid-resistant varnish on the outside to prevent corrosion.




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