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  • Product description: Panasonic battery daily maintenance method
Panasonic battery daily maintenance method
Main features;
(1) less self discharge
The grid made of special lead calcium alloy limits the self discharge to the minimum and can be preserved for a long time.
(2) long service life
The electrode plate made of special lead calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance can have a long floating charge life; the special colloidal electrohydraulic is used to increase the acid content of the battery, prevent the electrohydraulic stratification, prevent the short circuit of the electrode plate branch crystal, and ensure the long service life of the battery. Gel battery is a long-life battery based on valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery technology. Therefore, the design life of 12V series gel battery is 6-8 years (25 ℃); the design life of 2V series gel battery is 10-15 years (25 ℃).
(3) easy maintenance
Since most of the oxygen generated in the battery is absorbed and reduced to electrolyte by the cathode plate during floating charge, there is basically no reduction of electrolyte, so it is not necessary to measure the specific gravity and make-up water of electrolyte like general batteries.
(4) easy to use
The battery has been fully charged when leaving the factory, and can be installed and put into use after the user gets the battery.
(5) high safety
To prevent excessive gas generation, the battery is equipped with a safety valve. In addition, it is equipped with explosion-proof filter, which can prevent ignition to the inside of the battery even if there is spark approaching in the structure.
(6) simple installation
The battery can be installed and used vertically or horizontally, without leakage of electric fluid, and the battery will not produce acid mist in the normal charging process. Therefore, the battery can be installed in the office or supporting equipment room, without the need to build a special battery room, reducing the project cost.