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Panasonic battery

  • Product description: Panasonic battery maintenance cycle maintenance project monthly maintenance
Panasonic battery maintenance cycle maintenance project monthly maintenance
1. Fully clean and keep the shell and terminal clean and tidy, and the vent hole unblocked; 2. Check whether the shell is deformed, whether the terminal is corroded and discolored, and whether there is leakage; 3. Measure and record the ambient temperature, battery shell temperature and pole temperature; 4. Measure and record the total voltage of the battery pack, and adjust the charging parameters in time in case of charging voltage drift or environmental change. Quarterly maintenance
Repeat the monthly maintenance items; 1. Measure and record the floating charge voltage, floating charge current and other parameters of a single battery, and adjust them in time; 2. Check whether the connecting parts are loose, and tighten the screws if they are loose; 3. Charge the Panasonic battery evenly for 24h. Annual maintenance
Repeat the quarterly maintenance items; 2. Check whether the safety valve is loose and tight, but do not remove the safety valve; 3. Carry out a check discharge test with the actual load of the battery pack, and discharge 30% - 40% of the rated capacity. Three year maintenance
Repeat the items of annual maintenance; 2. Conduct the 10hr capacity test, and release 80% of the rated capacity. Precautions for installation of Dongyang battery:
(1) When using multiple batteries, pay attention to the correct connection between the batteries and avoid short circuit.
(2) Non professionals are not allowed to open Panasonic battery manufacturer to avoid danger. If the battery shell is broken accidentally and in contact with sulfuric acid, please wash it with star clear water and seek medical treatment if necessary.
(3) Avoid strong vibration or mechanical damage during use
(4) Please clean the battery with a wet cloth as dry as possible, do not use a dry cloth or duster, and do not use chemical cleaning agent to clean the battery.
(5) please do not let the rain fall on the official website of Panasonic battery, or immerse the battery in water.
(6) Use the upper and lower battery containers with vent holes for heat dissipation.
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